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Our company has known Craig Makar for thirteen years and can vouch for his dependability, reliability and trustworthiness. With constant changes in the computer world Craig has and is always one step ahead. He shares his opinion on what needs to be completed to upgrade. He stays with the latest trends to keep our company operating efficiently. Obtains the software and installs during a time that’s not normal business hours and computers or laptops are ready and available to start the next working day. He’s accessible before, during and after hours to fix or work on anything that may arise. He is invaluable to our company and we are pleased to have him as our offsite IT technician. His knowledge in the computer field is phenomenal. He’s able to communicate exceptionally with people who are not computer-savvy to keep things running smoothly. His administration of our servers ensures that the thirty-odd desktops and laptops are down as infrequently as possible. In conclusion we would highly recommend Craig for any IT work.

Jim Groh
Brilliant Electric Sign Co.
Managing Member

Craig Makar has been our offsite IT Director for over 10 years. With 4 employees to start, we had virtually no computer experience on board. He helped us build and grow our company every year. With 24 employees to date, Craig has made it worry free in bringing new people on board. Just last year we employed an entirely new software system and Craig was instrumental in making a seamless transition.

He fixes day to day issues with ease, often working afterhours to minimize any down time. On longer term challenges Craig uses his own years of experiences and draws on a vast pool of resources to provide options that have minimal economic impact on our business.

He is vital to the long term growth of our company and often helps plan strategic moves to help us make the best decisions.

He is trustworthy, hardworking, and efficient and has become an integral part of our company.

I have recommended Craig to several friends who are in various stages of building their companies and have heard nothing but great success stories.

If anyone has any questions at all regarding Craig’s ability, integrity or work ethic please call me.

Bill Weber
Arborwear LLC
(440) 543-3300

I trust Craig Makar and ITS Virtual’s vast experience to install and maintain the entire computer network of my company. He has been the IT specialist for my company since its inception in 1997. Craig built my network from the servers to all my employee’s computers across the Northeast. He has done an exceptional job at adapting my system to the volatile changes of the computer industry over the last decade and a half. He is meticulous at keeping my entire network updated and running smooth. I can’t afford to have my network down at most times, so Craig will do updates in the middle of the night to avoid these disruptions. This work ethic is invaluable to customers and very hard to find in this day. Craig is incredible multi-tasker who is always available when a crisis arises. His ability to remotely fix issues is incredible. I undoubtedly recommend any company to utilize the skills of ITS Virtual to build, maintain, and support their network. I have and will continue for years.

I don’t need network support every day, but when I do, I choose ITS Virtual!


Jeffrey J. Bobby
Northeast Medical Consulting, Inc

​ITS Virtual has been a reliable and cost effective solution to my company’s needs for over fifteen years. Their prompt service and attention to detail is top notch. ITS Virtual has consistently exceeded my expectations over the years, and delivered service and support when I needed it. In my opinion, when it comes to networking, software or hardware installation, even installing a new server, ITS Virtual is the I.T. solution that I recommend.

Eric Dales
Adams Automatic, Inc.

I came into contact with Craig Makar by way of referral from another business owner and friend in the Cleveland area. We have been a client of ITS Virtual for about one year, and I am pleased to say that we have found their service to be of the highest quality and value for our companies.

ITS has been a tremendous resource for us, especially in helping to address some IT housekeeping that had been neglected here. Within a very short period of time, we identified areas of processing, hardware, software and especially backup strategy, and implanting solutions as needed. ITS has assisted us with network server upgrades (hardware and software), improved network applications stability (primarily Quickbooks), conversion to Google Apps for email, remote network and desktop access for assigned users, various hardware installations (network hardware and individual desktop workstations), and ongoing maintenance including anti-virus, application updates and backup data monitoring.

Probably the most significant improvement I have seen over other IT providers we have used is the response time and service level provided by ITS. I cannot think of a single time we have been in need of service, and not been supported immediately. In fact, in many cases it is the proactive approach of ITS that keeps us out of trouble, or allows us to schedule down time as needed for service.

ITS has proved to be a good value for us, in terms of the gains we have seen in system performance, access, and stability. I would say that we have not changed “what” our system does, but we have greatly improved the system performance and results. Sincery,

Craig McConnell

When contracting for a computer technician we sought an individual who was knowledgeable, reliable and dependable. Craig Makar exceeded all of our expectations. He is extremely well-informed, and has been generous with his support and guidance.

Craig has always taken the initiative to keep us updated with any changes or suggestions to improve our system. However, whenever we have had problems with our system, Craig has serviced our needs immediately. He has always been available to us at a moment’s notice and has solved our problems quickly and efficiently.

When upgrading our systems, Craig took the time to ascertain what our needs were. He researched systems and programs and made recommendations that we found met all of our requirements. Craig is an absolute pleasure to work with. He exhibits the utmost in professionalism, kindness and goes above and beyond what you would expect from a technical advisor. Because of his extensive knowledge of hardware, software, email, and mobile devices, we would highly recommend him without any reservations!

Mary Smith
The Mary Smith Team
Keller Williams Realty, Coastal Area

I have been using ITS Virtual as my Computer Tech Service for five years. Craig Makar suggested opting for a monthly maintenance contract with Virtual ITS. I am thrilled about making that decision! The service and quick response time are nothing less than exceptional. The idea that my computer troubles can be fixed quickly from a remote location always amazes me. Craig’s team is delightful, intelligent, trustworthy and reliable. I’m not super computer savvy but am always made to feel like there are no dumb questions. Making sure I understand how to use technology is their priority. It is fabulous to work with such a patient team. I can’t imagine running my business without having Virtual support. Brilliant!

Julia Shutt
Landscape Designer
Maple Leaf Landscaping Inc

We have used the expertise of Craig Makar from I.T.S. Virtual since our business began in 2004. He has assisted us with our business development and his continued computer support has helped our business grow. Craig has a unique set of problem solving abilities and has been proactive in protecting our business within the digital environment. His always courteous and respectful demeanor makes him a pleasure to work with. We can always count on his rapid response when an issue occurs, therefore we do not lose valuable operating time. We would highly recommend Craig’s services and will continue to work with him for years to come.


Bob Middlemiss - President
Rob Middlemiss - Vice President
RGM Materials